The Issues in the Tissues 

Our body stores emotions (and with them thoughts, memories, and believes) that we haven’t felt when it was generated. It can be months, years or decades ago. It does not matter. Normally we are not conscious of them because if we were, we would have already released them.

There are several entrance ways to integrate mind and body and that is what I help people with.

Some ways are gentler than others. We can do through our thought process (RP meditation; self-inquiry), we can do through our emotions (Radical Core Release;  find, feel, intensify & release an emotion), and we can enter through the physical body (RP meditation; physical manipulation). (Most of the times pain is also what make people look for something to help them with).


I prefer to enter through the physical body because …

  1. our mind is so tricky that sometimes we will create hundreds of justification/explanation/reasons to deceive ourselves. 

  2. to enter through an emotion is not easy as the real emotion is most of the times, unconscious. And from the  conscious mind to the unconscious mind it can take a longer time than through the body.

  3. the body never lies. Especially with my guided meditation, I can see/feel where the person is present and where the person is not present in the body. That gives me already a clue to where to enter. Any area of pain, constriction, pressure, numbness, extra heaviness, are some examples of what can be an entranceway to release holding patterns that have been creating inner pathways of limitations.  


If you are doing any work/manipulation on your body, be GENTLE with yourself, check a good pace for you. To release emotions is better than carrying them around in your body. They also weight on you. And with time, the inner pathways of repressed emotions get harder (the fascia get harder) and it can become more difficult or more painful to release later on.  


Do not avoid the feeling of “negative” emotions because that was exactly what was done before that caused the emotions to be stored in the body in the first place. Allow yourself to feel them and release. The negative emotions are not infinite. In fact, they are vey finite and once you feel them, they are gone. And they will be totally gone if you have released the tissues in the body together. Again, not thinking about the emotions (that can be infinite if you so choose, but I don’t believe you want to do that), but feeling them. That is quite a different approach.

Remember also not to react based on the emotion. Just feel it. Simply notice the feeling, feel it and allow it passing through you. Many people think a LOT about an emotion and believe that is feeling it. NO. To feel is to sit with it and allow it to pass through you. Is it easy? NO! That is why many times we avoid them. We create all kinds of resistance NOT TO FEEL them. And that is understandable. Most of the time, those negative emotions that we stored in the body are emotions from our childhood.


As a child, we did not know how to feel them. In fact, many times, as a kid, we felt that we would die if we felt the emotion that we were sensing to appear (not a conscious process at all). However, as an adult now, you do have the capacity to feel it, and that will bring FREEDOM to you.  You will feel much stronger and peaceful after releasing them because you will organically know that you are more than your emotions. In fact, you will know that you are more than your thoughts as well. You will also be releasing together several limiting beliefs that might be creating a life less than what you want. 

The truth is that we are one Self – with physical body, with emotions and awareness (thoughts). There is not really a separation there. It is only our way of seeing that creates this separation.

Remember: Be GENTLE with yourself, learn to be present in the body, work at your own pace, drink plenty of fluids, get a good laugh sometimes, and allow emotions to pass through you.   You are more than the emotions & the thoughts. You are One Self.