My classes are designed to make you feel better from day 1. 

They involve a progressive learning through a series of simple but effective exercises of focus to train your mind and release your body from constrictions.  This class effectively helps integrate body – mind – soul.  It is open to you in whatever level you are in your life right now. 

PAIN: You can decide to participate because you want to release pain from your body. This process can deeply help with physical or emotional pain.

DEPRESSION/ANXIETY: Because this practice brings to you a connection with a deeper layer of yourself that is serene, and more loving, this class can help your mind to be more peaceful. You learn to connect with a deeper loving dimension of your Self. As you continue to participate in this class, this connection stabilizes in you.

MENTAL CLARITY: This practice calms and centers your mind, as a result your thoughts can rest a bit more. This process can give you a sense of clarity of thinking and of seeing. With practice there is a change of how your senses function and things become super clear.

CREATIVITY:  Connecting with deeper layers of your consciousness can bring you to a whole new world of creativity that you haven’t even suspected was there before. 


No one can connect YOU with your SELF.  Only YOU can do that... but I can help you to get there FASTER. 

The Classes are designed in a 8-week-program.