Yoga at Home

A 2-Day Online LIVE Course with Roberta Tachi 

How to Have a Strong, Supple Spine

Learn an embodied approach to release deep tension in your spine

coupled with an ancient form of Japanese Acupressure Self-Help.


April 17 & 18 

9:30 am - 12 pm (EST)

In this class you'll discover: 

   How to inhabit your whole body including you own spine. 

 ✅  Learn the 6 Depths of Japanese acupressure and how they are related to your spine. 

 ✅  Learn how to harmonize the spine by holding the fingers of your hands.

 ✅  Practice the release exercise based on the Realization Process to clear tension from the areas of your vertebras. 

 ✅  Connect with the Central Channel that passes through your whole back.


You are going to connect deeply  with your own Presence to calm down your nervous system. 

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