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How to Balance Trigger Points to Energize your Body 

Balance 26 trigger points in your body to feel more relaxed, energized and balanced

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your True Nature

Release tension from your body
Transform your negative emotions
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Outdoor Meditation

Realization Process

A Direct Path to Awakening

The Process of Realization is a direct approach to awakening in a non-dual way. Instead of seeing the body as an object, the person feels their Presence in the inner space of their body. As a result, s/he begins to feel their presence is part of Fundamental Consciousness.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Japanese Acupressure

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient type of Japanese acupressure that helps to harmonize and revitalize the body through several energy pathways sometimes called Flows. 

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Roberta Tachi is an exceptionally gifted senior Realization Process teacher.  She is one of the few people that I have authorized to offer teacher certification trainings.  Her warmth, compassion, insight, subtle vision and deep understanding of human nature make her an inspiring teacher and skillful healer.

Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process



My mission is to help you experience your Self – who you really are – a being of Love, Joy and Peace. In order to do so, it is necessary to inhabit your body and become aware of parts of yourself that you are consciously or unconsciously rejecting or repressing. This is not a conceptual learning. It is an experiential practice.

By receiving a private session or participating in my classes, you will start to get free of tension in your body, repressed emotions, or negative thoughts that are harmful to your physical, emotional and mental body. Those destructive patterns most of the time cause diseases and block your well-being. Through a precise yet gentle process without judgment, I will help you to recognize that it is not necessary to carry these thoughts and emotions anymore.


The inner space that becomes available can be filled with your Presence - the essence of your own being - pure love, joy, authentic and ever present.

I help you in this journey toward yourself and walk with you until the moment you feel we are walking next to each other.


In summary, I am here to help you remember how great it is to be well and really free.


Let’s begin our journey together!


Roberta Tachi

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