Roberta Tachi


Roberta Tachi has been a medical intuitive healer and teacher for over a decade. 

She was born with medical intuition but it wasn’t until she left her native Brazil for Japan that she began her spiritual journey in earnest. Roberta spent twelve years in Japan, and ten years in New York studying different meditations and healing processes. After she moved to California, she was introduced to the Realization Process. Impressed with its simplicity and efficacy, Roberta studied and practiced it becoming a Senior Teacher. 


Over the years, Roberta has healed, taught, and fine-tuned this methodology, coupling it with her broad knowledge and innate intuitive gift. Roberta has an international following and has helped hundreds of individuals in 5 continents with chronic pain, trauma, emotional challenges or just improving their overall wellbeing. She is devoted to healing and teaching the Realization Process to all who seek her, whether they are in the Bay Area, where she lives now, or elsewhere.