By receiving a private session you will start to get free of tension in your body, repressed emotions, or negative thoughts that are harmful to your physical, emotional and mental body. Those destructive patterns most of the time cause diseases and block your well-being.


Through a precise yet gentle process without judgment, I will help you to recognize that it is not necessary to carry these thoughts and emotions anymore. As a result you become a freer, more spontaneous, more authentic, and realize that you have better tools to handle your daily life.

In the private session we also work with deep unconscious areas that you might not even know they are there limiting your life.

This work is strongly recommended for people who have tried everything without much results, and are now ready for the next step. 

It also helps you delve deeper into your process of spiritual enlightenment for people who are looking for transcendence. 

PS: For people who are serious in their growth process

Private Session