The Ego is Like Some Clouds

I am on an airplane now and as I look at those clouds outside it reminds me of A Course In Miracles. These clouds are like our ego and the sun represents Divine Light.

When you loose your center, it is like when you are on the ground looking above and not seeing the sun. It feels like it is not there. Like it does not even exist. Conceptually, you know the sun is there, but you can't feel its warmth. The sun is always there. It does not get out to do something else. It is always there to irradiate light and to warm our planet. The Divine Light is always there irradiating our heart.

The pilot right now is like the Holy Spirit. He knows how to get you from the ground to your destination. He knows the direction and more important, he knows how to get there. You don't need to know how to fly an aircraft to get where you want. Your trust the pilot – you trust this inner energy that is inside of you.

The clouds represent the ego. Sometimes they are very thick, dense, dark & gray, sometimes they are just very light clouds. Nevertheless they are clouds; they are blocking your contact with the sun.

Now, when you go through the clouds, what happens? Most of the times it is shaky. Perhaps there is some turbulence. You might feel scared, you might pray to God to save you. If the clouds become a storm, then it becomes really bumpy and scary. You might even regret that you took that plane. But you could not get to your destination without passing through that. That is how many times our spiritual growth is.

If you want to reach your destination - your home - you will need to get on that plane; on that path that travels within. And it might get bumpy and scary, but I promise you, you will arrive safely because the Light is there waiting for you.

As you progress on your path of self- discovery, you will realize that the clouds get lighter and lighter until the point there will be no clouds at all.

You are getting closer to Home. You are in fact, becoming Home. Home is inside of you as you. You will understand that the aircraft never took off to anywhere and everything was just like a video game, a simulation you created long long time ago.

#ACIM #ACourseInMiracles

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