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The Real Story of Autoimmune Disease Summit

Speakers Interview Panel

I hope you are excited  to watch the interviews  as I was to  talk to these amazing experts on health and wellbeing.   Enjoy!

Monday January 16th

  1. Dawson Church, PhD. – Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Autoimmune Disease

  2. Dr. Taylor Krick - Brain Training and Autoimmunity

  3. Dr. John Dempster – A Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmunity – Putting it all



Tuesday January 17th

  4. Sue Hitzmann – The Role of fascia in Autoimmune Disorders

  5. Leah Guzman – Art Therapy and Healing


Wednesday January 18th

  6. Dr. Laura Belus – Liver Detox and Autoimmune Disease

  7. Dr. Melina Roberts - The Biological Medicine Approach to Autoimmune Disease


Thursday January 19th

  8. Dr. David Hanscom – Anxiety is the Pain and the Driving Force Behind Chronic Disease

  9. Caitlin Myers – A Personal Story: From Pain to Purpose


Friday January 20th

 10. Loretta Breuning, PhD. – Your Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals

 11. Justin Janoska – Autoimmune Revolution – Why you cannot diet, Supplement, and Medicate Away an  Autoimmune Disease


Saturday January 21st

 12. Dr. Evan Hirsch – The 4 Step Process to Increase Your Energy Naturally

 13. Elizabeth Yarnell – The Root of Autoimmunity is Inflammation


Sunday January 22nd

 14. Dr. Jenn Simmons – My Answer to Breast Cancer

 15. Dr. Benjamin Benulis – Healing Autoimmune Disease with Diet and Lifestyle


Monday January 23rd

 16. Dr. Sukhi Muker – Understanding the Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease and How to Heal and Live Beyond Your Condition

 17. Talia Halberor – How Love Can Help You Heal

 18. Charn Pennewaert – Embodying Mindfulness


Tuesday January 24th

 19. Dr. Nathan Bryan – The Nitric Oxide in Autoimmune Disease

 20. Tammy Trayer – The Body & The Breath – How Your Breath Can Ultimately Heal Your Body

 21. Dr. Kelly Miller – Is Autoimmunity Caused by a Brain Imbalance?


Wednesday January 25th

 22. Shelley Poovey – Permission to Heal: Using Trauma as a Catalyst for Personal Growth and Transformation

 23. Maria Alfaro – What TRE is and How is Works

 24. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal – Liver Detox, Homeopathy and Family Constellations Therapy for Autoimmunity


Thursday January 26th

 25. Dr. Breanne Kallonen – Thyroid Disease

 26. Dr. Eric Balcavage – The Thyroid Debacle

 27. Dr. Paul Ling Tai – Autoimmune Hypothyroid (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) and Latest Testing with Plan Based Supplements


Friday January 27th

 28. Dr. Natasha Campbell-MacBride – The Causes of All Diseases

 29. Dr. Irene Cop – 3 Hidden Factors Blocking Your Healing from Autoimmune Disorders

 30. Jana Danielson – Movement as Medicine: Pilates, Posture and the Pelvic Floor


Saturday January 28th

 31. Dr. Jeff McCombs – Stress, Depression and Candida

 32. Danielle Ryan Broida – Functional Mushrooms for Long-Term Immunomodulation


Sunday January 29th

 33. Dr. Beth McDougall - The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

 34. Roberta Tachi – The Impact Your Emotions Have on your Healing

Print this list and stick it to your fridge!! 

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