Yoga at Home

A 2-Day Online Course with Roberta Tachi

How to Have a Strong & Supple Spine

Realization Process & Jin Shin Jyutsu

An embodied approach to release deep tension in your spine

coupled with a self-help format of an ancient form of Japanese acupressure.


April 17 & 18 

9:30 am - 12 pm (EST)

Course Description

This course will help you move more freely, have more energy so you can improve your life's quality.

This course will be a series of small-group LIVE classes. First, I will walk you through step-by-step to become more present in your whole body. Then, I will teach how to connect internally with your spine. Later, we will release tension not only from the surface muscles around the back but also from the deep inside the vertebras themselves.  Don’t worry! We are going to do this together!

In this course, I will combine the embodied technique of Realization Process with the ancient Japanese Jin Shin Jyutsu method of acupressure to release tension and discomfort from the deep tissues of your back.

You will learn everything you need to know to release the tension in your whole back and also the relationships your spine have with organs, meridians, and fingers through the lens of Jin Shin Jyutsu - Japanese Acupressure.  You will also receive the recordings of each class so you can repeat on your own.

Let's do this!!

Course Includes

  • 2 Live Zoom Sessions of 2 hours each

  • Downloadable Videos & Audios of each class

  • Full Spine Charts  through the lens of Jin Shin Jyutsu          (fingers & organs & meridians times) 

  • Release of tension from inside of your spine 

  • BONUS: Receive the Self-Help chart for the Bladder Flow

Class Content

Day 1. Inhabiting Your Own Spine  


  • The first day you will learn how to be present in your whole body.

  • You will connect with the Central Channel of Kundalini called Sushumna in the Hindu system. Head / Heart / Pelvis  

  • After that, you will learn how to inhabit your own spine. 

  • You will also learn the 6 Depths of Jin Shin Jyutsu and where they are in your spine. 

  • We will do a release exercise based on the Realization Process to clear tension from the areas in your spine related to the 6 Depths. 

  • You will receive the chart with the steps to do a Self-Help of the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy. 

Day 2. Your Spine and your Organs & Fingers


  • Exercise of being present in the whole body.


  • Inhabiting your spine and doing subtle exercises going through each vertebra.

  • You will be presented with the Japanese chart of the organs related to the spine,  and learn how to harmonize the organs through each vertebra.

  • You will learn the time of the day related to the meridians and you spine. 


  • You will learn how to harmonize the spine through the fingers of your hands. 


  • You will receive the finger chart of Jin Shin Jyutsu with the attitudes related to each finger.


What They Are Saying

Note: Recordings of the classes will be available after the class.

DISCLAIMER: Roberta Tachi is not a licensed practitioner of medical care. She provides information that is for informational and educational purposes only. This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from your healthcare provider. You must talk with your healthcare provider for complete information about your health and treatment options.

In checking the registration button, and paying for this class, I agree that I have read the disclaimer and voluntarily participate in this course.


Roberta Tachi ​