Stamford, CT

"I am so grateful to the friend who invited me to Roberta Tachihara’s workshop in Connecticut.  The workshop opened me to a new direction of spiritual growth, beginning with a simple but profound body-centered meditation which is the foundation of the Realization Process. A skillful group facilitator, Roberta created an atmosphere that allowed for the safe expression of emotions, from laughter to tears, in a  group that ranged from a college-age man to a woman in her seventies. I left the next day for a two week vacation, during which I was unusually relaxed, present, curious and joyful. I noticed this because I typically carry ‘excess baggage’ on my trips – anxiety over events back home, intrusive thoughts, etc.  


After returning home I arranged a private session with Roberta to go deeper into the Realization Process. In that session we worked on releasing tension in the area between my ear and my throat that I located during the meditation. Memories and emotions surfaced so easily that it was as if my body was telling me the story of why this area was constricted. Roberta knew which questions to ask, and how to hold the space for my own internal work. I knew with certainty that I had held this tension since I was a young girl.  I felt a deep sadness, but the release was comforting, not at all frightening, as if ancient tears were finally allowed to flow.  The ‘me’ I experience now seems a more authentic me, freed from some of the conditioning of my past.


I have continued working with Roberta, both online and in person (when we are in the same city). I am more buoyant, alive, and able to handle the unpredictability of life.  Judith Blackstone says in her book,  ‘The Subtle Self,’: As we become ourselves, the power of our being literally breaks out of its constricting shell. What begins as a vague yearning for peace and freedom is later felt as a surging river, pushing its way into all the numb areas of our body and mind.  This movement is the great driving power of symmetry, dissolving our entanglement, making us whole.”  Roberta, whose compassion, humility and great accumulated wisdom seem to combine with an innate spiritual gift, has been a truly wonderful guide and teacher for me as I go through the very personal process of becoming myself."

Alessandra E.


Tu és uma excelente guia 💛💛  tua energia e teu compromisso conosco são incríveis. Obrigada


Westport, CT

"More than words can express, from deep within my mind, body, and spirit comes a clearing, a love - the place of "no fear".  Everything inside me softens- I am transformed and filled with light and spaciousness.


I have taken Roberta 's online classes and have had a few private sessions - the process has been fun, enlightening, and beyond my expectations.


And Roberta ....there is no one who I trust more with my tender places - those I have hidden away. She is in the truest place of love and compassion, and she sees within and beyond.  She guides me to be there for my self.



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Roberta Tachi ​